Can You Run In An Ankle Holster?

Can You Run In An Ankle Holster?

The simple answer is “yes”.

You can run in all ankle holsters – that is if you are Ok with excruciating pain against your bones, your skin getting rubbed raw, or maybe losing the gun.

So let’s be more specific with the question:

Is there an ankle holster you can run in that will securely retain the firearm with absolutely no concern for discomfort or instability?

The simple answer is “yes” again – but this can only be found through a new revolutionary method of ankle holstering called Gun Sox™ from Cheata Tactical™.

Gun Sox™ were developed and engineered to address a prevalent needed in law enforcement for a backup and concealable lower leg holstering system. These situations involve not only running, but for very extreme abrupt & forceful movements like jumping, kicking, fighting, scaling walls, etc. These movements must be conducted with no hesitation and full confidence that you won’t lose your gun.

Ankle holsters don’t have a horrible reputation by accident. They are notoriously uncomfortable and unstable.  Yes, even the expensive “custom” ones.  The current methods of ankle holstering create potentially dangerous situations for law enforcement officers.  Losing your gun in a foot pursuit can & has happened.  Criminals trying to take the gun away could possibly happen.  Possibly worse, the officer doesn’t wear a back-up gun & the worse case scenario could happen.  None of us want that.  Training helps prevent all this.

The Gun Sox™, with the patent pending Stretx™ Holstering System, is the absolute best remedy to firearm instability and discomfort problems associated with lower leg holstering.  With Gun Sox™, even ultra vigorous and power movements can be performed with the upmost confidence.  For firearm retention in a combative situation, the proprietary retention flap methods makes the firearm extremely difficult to remove by a person other than the wearer.  That benefit can be very precious extra time.

GUN SOX by Cheata Tactical out performed all other lower leg holstering methods for combative and vigorous movements. See full video here.


The localized stretch of the custom compression textiles make any shape or size of calf suitable for Gun Sox™.
1.  Shifting, sliding, and rubbing is eliminated.
2.  Extremely comfortable to wear all day.
3.  Ultra moisture wicking and heat dispersing.
4.  Machine washable and odor resistant.


            Cheata Tacticalhas provided very thorough demonstration videos to guide you in donning, doffing, holstering, and the draw from the Gun Sox™;
1. Simply slide on the garment up to your knee and fold the extra fabric down.
a.  This fold down feature adds extra compression to the area between your calf and knee, comfortably anchoring the garment into place.
b.  Gun Sox™ do not rely on tight cinching as do other garter style holsters and are far more effective to stabilize.
2.  Follow the instructions to properly holster and activate the retention flap.
3.  Gun Sox™ is for any small to mid size pistol or revolver.  You will feel like you are wearing nothing – as if the firearm has comfortably become part of your leg.

Fred Golgart Rangemaster and Retired Officer

See Fred Golgart’s full review here.

If you are law enforcement and your department or agency requires specific features to your lower leg holstering such as a hard shell trigger guard, one handed holstering, and heat protection from a hot barrel, we offer the Gun Sox™ Pro Package. The Pro Package is a kydex shell mounting system anchored inside the Gun Sox ™ gun pouch. All kydex shells are custom made for your model firearm and can be purchased at a special price at Bare Arms Holsters ™ ( by using the voucher included with your Gun Sox™ purchase.


Cheata Tactical™ Gun Sox™ are available in two styles:
1.  Ankle holstering – this is the traditional positioning  for lower leg holstering.
2.  Mid Calf holstering – a great way to holster above a tall  tactical boot or inside a cowboy boot shaft.


Tactical Ankle inside Holster
Gun Sox ankle holster
Tactical Mid-Calf Tac Boot
Gun Sox  mid calf holster


If you are wanting unbelievable comfort with extreme security in a lower leg holstering system – the Cheata Tactical™ Gun Sox™ is the answer.



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