The Cheata Trotter vs the Enell – its about your body type NOT cup size

The Cheata Trotter vs the Enell – its about your body type NOT cup size

At Cheata, we fit thousands of women. And many of these women tell us they currently  wear the Enell or ask us if we’ve ever heard of the Enell bra. Well, of course we know Enell. It was affectionately called the “Oprah bra” when Oprah was running marathons all those years ago and she shared her finding of a suitable sports bra with the whole world. In fact we are very familiar with the Enell bra. And its a fantastic garment – the magical bullet for many women who needed a solution to a problem.

If you are asking why in the world another bra manufacturer would speak so highly about their competitor, its because that Enell is not really our competitor. Enell is the only solution for some women with a certain body shape and the Cheata Trotter is the only solution for another different type of body shape. Enell does something we don’t do, and we do something Enell doesn’t do.  And here’s where it gets complicated – both our customers are busty (please note, not all Cheata customers are super busty). So which customer should get which bra?

The bottom line for both Cheata and Enell is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Women talk like no other creatures on this planet and if they have a bad experience or a great experience when they’ve spent more than $65 on a sports bra…… well you know what will happen. When Enell customers come to us for a fitting to try the Cheata Trotter, we can tell immediately (before they even try it on)  if they are going to have more satisfaction with the Trotter or if they should stick with their Enell. And yes, we tell them when the Enell is better for them. Even if a customer doesn’t know about the Enell, we’ll tell them about it. We don’t just say “Sorry, you aren’t the right body type for Cheata so there is no hope for you. Good luck”.


Very full cup size with a small rib cage (underband) measurement finds greater satisfaction with the Enell bra.

From our experience, women with a very small underband size and a very large cup size (like measuring 43″ around the crest of bust and 33″ at the rib cage)  do best with Enell. These measurements are an extreme hourglass type shape.  When there is a very large drop in  circumference measurement between those two points, it is very difficult to leverage the breast tissue to restrict bounce. Enell is the best bra structure to do that.


Women with less of a drop in circumference in measurement between the two points (like measuring 42″ around the crest of the bust and 35″ at the rib cage) are happier with the Cheata Trotter. The bra structure of the Trotter can easily leverage the breast tissue and comfortably stop breast movement with this more “straight up and down” body type.

Why can’t we just throw out a cup size guide and make it easier? Because cup sizes aren’t all the same. You can have two women that are both D cups, but one woman’s D cup is more full across the top and volu

A more straight up and down body type that would most likely find more satisfaction switching to a Cheata Trotter.

minous, and the other’s D cup is mostly full on the bottom. From our experience, women with cup sizes larger that DD that are full across the top and voluminous are happier with the Enell. Women’s breasts  who are less voluminous typically won’t full out the Enells cups sufficiently and will still bounce. These latter women have a better experience with the Cheata Trotter.



Not filling out the cups in the Enell commonly results in bounce and discomfort.




Regarding comfort, again its all about the body shape. When women come to us super delighted about their Cheata Trotter bra and rave about its superior comfort to the Enell, (yes we thank them first) but its because their more athletic, straight up and down body shape is ideal for the Cheata Trotter’s design. The complaint we commonly hear about Enell is that their under bust elastic is too tight and the straps pull at the shoulder. Their torso isn’t shaped hour glass enough for the elastic band to find a comfortable resting position and their breast shape isn’t filling out the cups enough so their breasts are still moving and pulling the straps into their shoulders. In other words, they are wearing a great bra but not a great bra for their shape. The Cheata Trotter does not have fixed cup shapes. It functions with a localized stretch to address a vast amount of breast shapes and sizes.


The model wearing this Cheata Trotter is a D cup with a more straight up and down body shape which is best suited for this bra structure

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one sports bra that would make EVERYONE happy? Sorry, that is impossible. No bra is going to be everything to everyone. At Cheata we strive to make an outstanding product to help women with their active lives and to provide guidance to help women find a solution when our designs aren’t best for them. We hope this article can help you choose the best solution for you.  Please reach out to us if you ever have any questions about our products. That’s what we’re here for!

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