When you daughter is already wanting a breast reduction

Developing breasts can be a very frustrating experience for young women.



At Cheata, we meet 1000s of women of all ages at shows. While most are shopping for themselves, we meet numerous moms and dads who tell us that their daughters are having a REAL problem participating in sports because of already being full chested. In fact, we hear of many daughters refusing to participate any more because of the pain and embarrassment.

We’ve tried everything to help her! What do we do???


The parents are super frustrated. They’ve gone to Victoria’s Secret, Dicks Sporting Goods, the local running store, etc. and nothing they try works. Since Cheata is a very new company and is distributed mostly in the equestrian world, our bras are not something they would find in these types of stores. So when they see our poster at a show and read “the stability of wearing 2-3 sports bras” and see the dramatic before & after pictures showing the minimization they will come right over and tell us about their daughter.

“Where is she?” I always ask.  Almost without fail they have to drag in a very resistant and discouraged young lady wearing a very oversized t-shirt to hide her full chest. Let me tell you, one of the most emotional joys we get is when a young girl like this comes leaping out of the dressing room jumping up and down yelling in delight “They don’t move! They don’t move!”

Then we will pull back her oversized t-shirt and show her new minimized  silhouette and tell her she doesn’t have to wear big shirts anymore. The look of genuine relief and happiness on these young ladies’ faces (and their parents) gives us chills EVERY TIME.

Two weeks ago we talked to a mom in Alabama on the phone about her daughters bust problems. We sent her a bra and she sent us a picture to put on facebook with  a quote from her beautiful daughter Kaitlyn.

Last week at a 3-gun match we met a dad who told us about his daughter. “She already wants a reduction!” he exclaimed in horror. When we met her we saw that she was like most young developing girls – her chest was not out of proportion at all. She was just an active young woman who has developed a woman’s body. Yes, she was busty but she wasn’t overly overly busty. When she tried the bra on, she pulled the tags off and said its her’s now!

We’ve got tons of stories like this. The reason we are writing this post and why it is just sooooo important is that Cheata bras uniquely gives  women of all ages the look and feel of being much smaller busted and that is exactly what some young women are wanting. They are now comfortable with no straps digging into their shoulders and they are now MOVING like they are much smaller busted. No other sports bra is capable of providing this.

Dramatic minimizing from the Cheata sports bra compared to another high impact sports bra.


Go to www.CheataSport.com to learn more and please reach out to us if you have any questions!


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