Back pain and your ill-fitting sports bra- A Chiropractor’s opinion

Back pain and your ill-fitting sports bra- A Chiropractor’s opinion

I am a chiropractor with a busy family-based practice.  I have been in active practice for 11 years.

Dr. Jennifer Webster  BSc, DC has treated many women with pain related to ill-fitting bras and sports bras.

I have seen many women struggle with ill-fitting bras and ill-fitting sports bras.  These bras are not the primary cause, but do contribute to a multitude of symptoms.  Some of these symptoms include upper back pain, posterior rib pain, neck pain,  jaw pain, headaches, shoulder and arm pain, as well as hand tingling and numbness.  Discovering the Cheata Bra has me very excited because now there is an undergarment available to assist my patients with these upper body complaints.


One of the features I love about the Cheata Bra is the breast support it provides without the downward pull on the upper thoracic spine.  An added benefit to this feature is an improvement in a woman’s ability to stand upright.  When better posture is obtained it then allows the woman to feel less back discomfort, better breathing, and more relaxation through her upper back and body.

I have tried and do recommend a few posture specific products.  These devices are very good at improving one’s posture, minimizing back pain, and decreasing overall body fatigue.  The Cheata Bra performs all these functions as well as providing substantial breast compression and support.  The Cheata Bra is one piece of clothing having multiple uses and purposes.  This in itself offers a substantial amount of freedom, especially when compared with the other posture products available on the market.

Finally, there is a product I can recommend without hesitation to my patients who are in need of breast support either for their sporting activities or for everyday wear.  I love the Cheata Bra because it allows women to feel comfortable and secure while looking put together.  I also love the Cheata Bra because it allows women to focus on their sporting activity and not on their clothing.

Dr. Jennifer Webster BSc, DC

Skimpy, “cute” sports bras such as this one do not give enough support to protect you from upper torso pain


Dr. Webster recommends Cheata bras for comfort and security.








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