Canting your holster out for large breasts?

To cant or not to cant? That is the question. Holsters can be one of the most complicated questions because of so many “what ifs”. So, let’s focus on just one “what if” – What if you are full chested? How do you can a smooth, quick, fluid draw if your boobs are directly in the way of a straight to the hip arm/hand movement? Let’s consider a full chested competition shooter. To cant or not to cant is a decision between two evils that effect time and accuracy:

Evil #1 – if your holster is straight you’ll have to reach out, around, and under to reach the gun. And then when you draw you’ll need to go back out again around your breasts to raise the pistol.

Evil #2 – if your holster is canted outward you just have to reach out and around. When you draw, you don’t have to go out again because you’ve cleared your breasts, but you definitely aren’t raising the pistol in a straight fashion because you are now coming from an angle several inches out from the side.

Of course what you are probably thinking now is the chain of bad form movements that follow either of these evils that absolutely negatively affect time and accuracy. And then you’ll get resentful of your male competitors who do not have to deal with either evils because they don’t have breasts. What’s a girl to do???

The answer is to look at the problem differently. Change the constant in the equation – your breast size. One of the great benefits of Cheata Tactical Trotter bras and tanks is they are dramatically minimizing. You look and feel cup sizes smaller. With a Cheata you can reach straight down to the weapon and straight up and out raising the pistol (more like a male shooter). You’re able to get tighter in your aim position effortlessly.

Tess Nash a USPSA open competition shooter demonstrates this beautifully

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