Why women’s body armor never fits well and the real solution for it
There is a solution to bad fitting body armor.

Why women’s body armor never fits well and the real solution for it

There’s a good reason a flat chested woman is modeling that armored vest in the tactical catalog, right? They’d have a hard time selling that vest if they showed what the fit looks like on the typical female officer’s body.

Women in law enforcement’s problems with an armored vest fit is no secret. They feel smashed, the vest shifts around on the body, the velcro sides bust open all the time, they vest lays way out in front of them which results in a loss of  ballistic coverage, and their thoracic back experiences significant pressure from wearing this heavy awkward structure for long periods of time.

We see many manufactures enthusiastically introducing “female cut” armored vests. They’ve added darting, cups, multiple closure panels,  etc. Police Magazine wrote a very thorough article on women’s vests and what’s new:


REALITY  FLASH–  the solution isn’t in the vest. It in women’s fleshy, hyper moving terrain under the vest!!

The Police Magazine article doesn’t address the major contributing factor to the women’s problem  – breast tissue moves. And it moves a lot. They also aren’t taking into account the disproportionate weight of breast tissue relative to the torso. Darting, cups, and multiple paneling enclosures do nothing to help this.

The solution is to comfortably make a woman dramatically smaller chested with a more compact torso- more like the silhouette of a man. Then vest will then lay flat with more coverage. Cheata tactical compression bras do exactly that and the difference in vest fit is dramatic.

Early on when Cheata became THE sports bra for competitive equestrians, we saw the incredible improvement in how rider’s show jackets fit from the bras. Anyone who’s even a little bit busty knows how horrible fitted jackets look when worn closed. Their chest and upper torso flesh threw the whole fit off, it wasn’t just about a pulled button. Tailoring only helped the problem marginally.  However, smoothing and minimizing the Cheata bras created completely solved that. The riders went from a lumpy, awkward silhouettes to being sleek like a rockets.

Cheata bras created an incredible improvement in fitted jackets







With Cheata bras the back is not just smoother, the wearing gets significant thoracic back support.







The same principle applies to women’s armored and tactical vests. At the NAWLEE (National Association of Women’s Law Enforcement Executives) we proved the point over and over again by having officers try on the bra and then trying an armored vest on top. “Oh My God!!! What a difference” was exclaimed repeatedly. The fit was spot on, they were extremely comfortable, their chest felt significantly lighter, and their thoracic back was completely supported. Their problem was remedied.

An officer at the NAWLEE conference shows the dramatic change in ballistic vest fit from wearing a Cheata bra.


Cheata bras are patented and are different than anything you’ve tried before. Watch this quick video to learn more.


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