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We knew 2 things:

  1. Sports bras available on the market don’t work well and women were either enduring the discomfort or coming up with their own home remedy (like layering bras) to help their problem.
  2. The real answer would have to be a reengineered structure that would remedy common sports bra complaints, but also would inevitably make a women’s chest smaller.

Here was the question – Would women be Ok with their chest being smaller??? If you went by what we read in women’s fitness publications the answer would be a resounding “NO”.

Unsure of what to expect, English Riding Supply launched Cheata Equestrian sports bras at the Fall 2015 AETA market (American Equestrian Trade Association) and the response was explosively positive.

Cheata bras were received as the magic bullet for a multitude of problems experienced by the female rider. The bras solved the bounce problem, it solved the neck pulling/shoulder digging problem, it solved the back fat problem, it improved their posture, and another huge issue – their show clothes fit dramatically better, smoother, and sleeker because they were so minimized.

Soon afterwards we were invited introduce Cheata at major competitive dog shows. Why would we go to dog shows? Because women are running with their dogs and they want the judges to focus on the dog, not their breasts bouncing all around (which was exactly what was going on before Cheata got there).

At dog shows, our head of development was meeting several female dog handlers that also happen to be in law enforcement. These women told us the terrible problems they had with their body armor because of their chests and that their Cheata Trotter bra remedied all of them. Very shortly, we were being carried by top tactical retailers such as Galls and Gun Goddess.

Word spread and Cheata was being worn by runners, military, tennis players, competitive shooters, golfers, hikers, rock climbers, yogis, and people who are physically active on the job such as nurses, firefighters and paramedics.

Posture and back support became another major reason women were wearing Cheata products, so we decided to apply our revolutionary compression technology to new products for men and women. In particular lower back pain, SI joint issues, L4/L5 back issues, postural alignment for men, and thoracic fatigue/pain.

We are overjoyed with Cheata’s success in such a very short period of time. And we are overjoyed with the answer to our question of “I know how to fix this, do you think many people will want it?”

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