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Breast Interference in Sport

The problem:

You’ve tried everything, right? And still when engaged in sport you endure most or all of the following:

  • Bouncing breasts
  • Breast pain
  • Neck pulling and shoulder digging from your sport bra
  • Rubbing and chaffing
  • Breasts getting in the way of your form
  • Back fatigue and pain
  • Needing to double up on bras
  • Looking “busty” in your team uniform or workout gear
  • Spilling over the top or out the sides
  • Back fat outlines
  • Bras stretching out right away

The solution:

Your solution is a Cheata Trotter sport bra or Trotter tank.

The Trotter remedies these very common sports bra complaints through our patented structural focus on the WEIGHT of breast tissue rather than simply the size, and the difference is truly amazing. With a Cheata Trotter you will notice your performance and confidence level will improve dramatically because you now are moving, looking, and feeling much smaller chested. There is no more breast interference in precision form sports such as golf, tennis, or tactical shooting. Shoulder and neck digging is gone as well as your back fatigue. The comfort and support is unparalleled and your “chest issues” have been removed.

All Sports Bra Trotter Tank

Watch our Tennis and Dog Agility Before/After videos to see the Cheata Trotter Bra and Trotter Tank in Action
You can SEE the difference in a Cheata Trotter Bra

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