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Deanna Corby - Best bra for equestrians with big boobs

Jutta Heinsohn - Bereiter, F.N.

I have been a licensed professional horse trainer since 1973, one of the first five women to complete the program at that time in Germany, and I have often mused over how much easier it might have been to simply have been born male...but in all seriousness, when riding, your position and balance are important to the way you influence the horse. Movement of your breasts, whether you are buxom or not, is at the very least distracting and definitely influences your balance and position. Either you end up constantly adjusting yourself (even in increments) to keep your body where it needs to be, or you hold additional tension, which will never result in true harmony with the horse.

Finding Cheata late in my career has not stopped me from delighting in the light feel of the fabric, and the comfortable support/compression the system creates. I feel like I have no breasts when I ride. It truly means I can focus on the horse I am working without additional distraction! Thank you Cheata! I will NEVER wear another bra to ride (or work out in)!!

Laura Spelman - Clearwater, Florida Law Enforcement

I've been a police officer for 23 years. I've never found a comfortable bra to wear under my vest until now! Wow! What a difference! The weight of my vest always made any bra I'd ever worn dig into my skin and be uncomfortable. And no bra was ever to stop the squished feeling I had when I took off my vest. The Cheata bra was amazing - no digging and best of all no squished feeling. I LOVE IT!!!

Lainey Ashker - International event rider

I have always been sort of the 'Queen of Fashion on the Jog Strip' and especially for Rolex like to slim down as much as I can (lots of pictures), but there has never been a way to prevent the dreaded 'back fat' so I was very pleased this year to partner up Cheata Bras. In the dressage, if you get a really really tight sports bra on, you get back fat and that is definitely NOT CUTE for pictures. Cheata has been AMAZING with that! There is zero movement and zero back fat. I wouldn't recommend anything else but the Cheata Bra!

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Angela Sallee - Upper Level Event Rider and Manager, Wise Choice Tack

Prior to using the Cheata Equestrian Bra, I would never have the support I needed for riding. Sitting the trot was torture, and trying to find coats that fit was not a fun experience. Since being introduced to this wonderful bra, I was able to move up to Preliminary comfortably! My jackets and safety vest fit so much better too! I had my eyes set on the Hagyard's CCI* last year, and I needed to purchase a shadbelly for the show. I found one used for $150! These retail for over $700 new! It was a size smaller than I probably needed, but with my Cheata Bra the jacket fit perfectly. I recommend this bra to everyone, as it makes riding so much more enjoyable!

Korin Rinaldo - International FEI dressage, Competitor/ Trainer

I've always struggled to find a supportive yet,  comfortable bra to give me the stability I need to compete most effectively. The Cheata bra has revolutionized the "riding bra". I always used the Enell bras in the past which gave me scars, and aren't even as supportive! I now am both comfortable and supported, not to mention I dropped a coat size! I can't say enough good things about this bra other than you should order one and see for yourself, no more worry about the dreaded extended trot bounce!

Heather Wood - Los Angeles, CA   Avid marathoner, spin instructor, and active mom of 3 boys!

I LOVE Cheata Sports bras! I'm always on the hunt for high quality sports bras. The other sports bras I've worn have been great in one area, but not in another. Cheata bras are seriously amazing products. The coverage is great for leaning forward in my spin classes and they are modest enough to wear alone when I'm out on a run. The Cheata Curves In Action Tank is my favorite running top because I can wear it alone - no need for extra support or coverage.

Jacklyn Vieth - Lexington, KY   Competitive Equestrian

The difference of these bras to the others is just incredible!!  I was layering 2-3 sports bras to ride. Its hard enough balancing on top of a 1200 lb cantering Thoroughbred jumping fences, but having my breasts flying all over the place it made it a HUGE challenge. Layering bras made my riding form stiff and extremely uncomfortable.   My mind was blown that a single garment could tame my 34DD's and be comfortable, conservative, and really cute!!

Leslie Safari-Cropper - Lexington, KY   Zip line guide and obstacle course athlete

Yes I swim in my Cheata bra! When the challenge requires me to go from water to land, I know I can depend on this bra to get me though every obstacle without ever losing its shape or fit. It never shifts or pinches which gives me the freedom to not worry about my appearance and focus on my performance from start to finish.

Lyndsay Deaver - Lexington, KY   Professional Rider

I rave about this bra to every serious female rider I know. I may not be super endowed but my sports bras were driving me crazy. They would ride up on my body constantly, dig into me, stretch out, and stayed wet long after I'd finished riding. Cheata bras solved all of that and the compression on my upper torso gives makes me feel stronger and have more endurance. Very important in the work I do which starts at 5AM and doesn't stop until the sun goes down.

Charlotte Kurtz -

I didn’t believe Mary Helen could develop another fabulous product for equestrians, but she did just that! As a loyal Cheata Bra supporter, I was ecstatic to try the new Cheata Sleekifier Tight and I was not disappointed! It provides amazing support, slenderizes and smooths my show outfits to perfection! It is an excellent compliment to the Cheata Bra with its high waist that doesn’t bind or roll down, so you look smoother and slender in your garments. These 2 products give me the confidence I need in the show ring to compete at my best! Thanks, Mary Helen, for developing such amazing products for everyone!

Nancy Greiner Tuten - Ocala, FL   One the go super mom, runner, kickboxer, cross trainer

I'm always on the go and live in my sports bras. I've bought just about every sports bra there is. When I tried the Cheata bra I couldn't believe the difference. There is nothing like it. Amazing non stop support. Plus they look fantastic so I wear it as regular day wear with my yoga pants. Its so comfortable that many times I forget I have it on!

Sally Pineda - Costa Mesa CA   Yoga instructor, runner, and and Juris Doctorate

The Cheata bras totally solved my sports bra problems. I tried almost every sports bra on the market and nothing provided me with the support I need. I've always had to double up on my bras and have never been able to wear the cute workout tops. I'm a 32DD and the Cheata Bra is stronger than wearing two bras. And it doesn't stretch out! It makes me feel like I'm an "A" cup when I'm working out in it.

Bridgette Roberts - Newport Beach, CA   Marathoner and yogi

I started running marathons a couple years ago and couldn't find a comfortable sports bra that didn't pull at my neck or cause chaffing after long distance runs. I was so happy when a friend told me about Cheata bras! I'm a 34C and I love the strength of these bras! They don't pull anywhere and I never chaffe anymore! They're just soooooooo comfortable! Now I can focus solely on training and distance running.

Sandie Palmer - Asheville, NC   Marathoner

I can't live without this bra!! Its a God send!! No movement, no rash from rubbing when I run. I have one for every day of the week.

Tiffanie Crisco - Huntington Beach, CA   Avid Soft Ball Player and Coach

From the moment I was introduced to Cheata Bras I was IN LOVE. I happened to be blessed (or cursed) with very large breasts. Until this bra I would have to war 3 sports bras just to hold the girls in. We all know the pressure on you shoulders from wearing just one bra - imagine 3!! And as soon as I'd sweat, they all would stretch out so I'd had to change into ANOTHER 3 bras between games. Now I wear ONE Cheata bra all day. Incredible support, NO pressure on my shoulders, and no stretching out. I highly highly highly recommend it.