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Breasts and Body Armor

The problem:

Your body armor never quite fits right, but it’s worse than that. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “Sizing up” in an armored vest to accommodate your chest and being left with a hulking mass everywhere else
  • Your vest shifts around when you move and slides under your neck when you sit
  • The Velcro enclosures bust open if you lean over
  • Smashed feeling in the breast region under your vest
  • Your bra shifting around under your vest and not being able to reach in and adjust
  • Thoracic and lower back pain from fatigue
  • Digging bra straps on your neck and shoulders

The solution:

Cheata compression problems are the solution for your armored vest issues. There is no such thing as a “women’s cut armored vest” that works – your breasts are the problem, not the vest.

Our multi-patented structural designs and components redistribute your breast weight and mass evenly throughout your frontal torso which allows a dramatically improved, more comfortable, and stable fit for your body armor. Vest shifting and feeling smashed is eliminated. The vest lays flat and stays there. Your back is supported, there is no digging at the neck/shoulders, and the bra doesn’t travel up your torso when you move.

Cheata bras come in different strengths so please refer to our product pages and demonstration videos to determine which Cheata bra is best for you.

Trotter Bra

Watch our Cheata Tactical Trotter Bra video to learn more
You can SEE the difference in a Cheata Trotter Bra

Breasts and Womens Competitive Shooting

The problem:

Interference from YOUR CHEST can be a major obstacle that is affecting you time. The fact that you are competing against men who don’t have to deal with this issue can leave you very frustrated and wanting a solution NOW!

Common examples of breast interference in women’s competitive shooting are

  • Not being able to raise a pistol, long rifle, or shotgun quickly or in a straight movement
  • Needing to reach outward and around to draw your pistol from the holster
  • Not being able to sling the long rifle around the back quickly due to the rifle strap resting between your breasts or the long magazine is bumping into your breasts
  • Breasts bouncing when running, climbing through tubes, or over walls to get to the next shooting position
  • Breasts puffing out a tactical vest which compromises form and aim
  • Breasts causing body and back fatigue which compromises form and aim
  • Neck/shoulder digging from bra straps making proper form and aim difficult
  • Discomfort when shooting in the prone position

The solution:

The solution for breast interference in competitive shooting is the Cheata Trotter bra or Trotter Tank. The Trotter is the most powerful, stable, and minimizing sports bra available on the market. Breasts are significantly smaller and managed – advancing proper form for quick seamless maneuvering, saving you valuable seconds in competition. No more bouncing, shoulder digging or neck pulling. Significant thoracic back support advances endurance and proper form.

Trotter Bra Trotter Tank

Watch our Cheata Tactical Trotter Tank video to learn more
You can SEE the difference in a Cheata Trotter Tank

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