Medical Recovery Bra

Cheata Stretx “Easy On”

Medical Compression Bra

Designed specifically to advance healing while facilitating comfort and security for long term, 24 hour wear. This proprietary design is the easiest on/off you will ever find in an effective medical compression bra. Featuring our patented downward directional zipper track, this garment is fully opening. The Cheata Stretx “Easy On” Medical Bra is simply a league above the others.

Other medical bras that zip upward are extremely cumbersome to close – you must raise your elbows and shoulders to do so causing discomfort. Ideal for mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction, and other cosmetic breast enhancements such as lifts, reductions, and augmentation.

For a faster, more comfortable recovery
  • Step 1 Starting from top to bottom, fix hook and eye enclosures/li>
  • Step 2 Assemble zipper track
  • Step 3 Using looped pull cord, glide zipper down to completion.
  • Featuring Stretx medical grade compression 4-way stretch compression technology
  • Hugging localized stretching control supports breasts, connective tissue, corresponding muscles, spacers (if present), and /or implants (if present)
  • Advances circulation and helps prevent and reduce swelling
  • No pressure on the porta-cath, adominal TRAM flap areas, or shoulders
  • No blockage or inhibition of underarm lymph drainage
  • No rubbing on skin grafts or suture lines
  • No shoulder digging or neck pulling
  • No risk of flesh getting caught in the zipper track upon closure
  • No breaking down/stretching out from long term wear, water, fluid discharge, or sweat
  • Dramatically lowered under band protects incisions and sutures beneath the breast fold, and helps prevent newly form scars from stretching
  • Downward closure method works with gravity allowing skin, flesh, and breast tissue to feel settled and supported inside the garment
  • Helps skin adherence response to new contours
  • Silky, contouring 2nd skin feel for comfortable long term wear
  • Breathable, ultra moisture wicking, fast drying, and odor resistant
  • Thoracic back support and posture improvement
  • No seams, cups, wires, or tags
  • Cut-able non fraying fabric for areola if needed

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