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Posture and Form Problems

The problem:

You hunch, roll your shoulders forward, push your neck out, have your pelvis pushed out in front of you or behind you, and no surprise your back hurts a lot. If you don’t have back pain yet, don’t worry its coming – you’re just too young to have gotten the bill yet for chronic bad alignment.

Your form in precision sports such as golf and tactical shooting is compromised. Your back gets tired easily, your endurance is drained, you deteriorate into bad form, and your aim is gone for the day.

Your doctor and chiropractor have strongly discouraged braces for good reason. Posture braces “scarecrow” the body – meaning they create a phony torso alignment through force which in turn can advance further muscle deterioration, weakness, more back pain, and forfeit of arm and shoulder mobility.

Posture shirts may be a great concept, but how do you get into them? And posture shirts can be extremely uncomfortable for some people. So what can you do to help your posture and form without experiencing these downsides?

The solution:

The solution for improved posture and better form is though STRETX localized stretch compression technology which is featured in ALL Cheata products This therapeutic approach ENCOURAGES spinal alignment – it does not arbitrarily force the shoulders back or “scaffold” the torso up. Back muscles are supported and stimulated/queued into proper alignment. Cheata STRETX technology helps you build strength, retrain your postural/form instincts, and relieve aching pain through contouring firm support.

Ideal for a multitude of wearers – from athletes executing proper precision form and balance to people who must sit for long periods of time.

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