Which Cheata Bra is best for me

Cheata compression athletic bras come in five styles:

  • The Trotter Bra
  • The Trotter Tank with built in bra
  • The Lock Down Bra
  • The Step-In Reversible Bra
  • The Medical Recovery Bra

The following list is a guide to help you pick the best style to suit your body type and garment needs. We understand that individual preference is subjective and all women wants and needs are not the same.

For Stability

Cheata sports bras are for women who want a REAL full support bra. While all Cheata sports bra styles provide far more comfortable stabilization that any supportive bra on the market, this is the ranking order for stabilizing strength for each Cheata compression bra style:

#1 Cheata Trotter Bra/ Cheata Trotter Tank with built in bra – maximum huge support strength
#2 Lock Down Bra – very high support strength
#3 Step – In Bra – High support strength

For example, a medium or larger breasted rider who wants to practically eliminate any breast movement, they will want the Trotter Bra or Trotter Tank with built in bra for no bounce. The same goes for a medium or larger breasted woman who wants the best no bounce sports bra for running. And with the Trotter tank with built in bra you will see that there actually exists a workout tank that actually holds (that you don’t have to layer other things under it to get it to work. A first!

However, if the same women is now power walking or wanting her chest to stay put in yoga, she will want the Cheata Lock Down compression bra or Cheata Step-In compression bra. All are styles are so stable and comfortable you will want that secure feeling Cheata gives you in your activities. Other workout bras will just seem just intolerable to you.

As a Minimizer Bra for Sports

Cheata compression sports bras are the only bras that proudly declare how they make you look and feel much smaller during exercise. We’re not sure who started the rhetoric that women don’t want their chests smaller when they exercise, but we’re absolutely sure they are very wrong on that one!

The Cheata Trotter sports bra and Trotter tank with built in bra are the most minimizing, followed by the Cheata Lock Down compression bra and the Cheata Step-In compression sports bra. All our compression athletic bras will back you smaller and smoother. Cheata sports bras are the ultimate in a minimizer bras.

For Dramatic Jacket and Show Shirt Fit Improvement

The Cheata Trotter sports bra and the Cheata Trotter tank with built in bra are your new best friend for jacket and shirt fit issues. You have to try it to believe it. You are smaller, sleeker, and smoother like never before. Dropping a coat size or two is typical with the Cheata Trotter bras and Cheata Trotter tanks. Think of the Cheata Trotters as athletic shaperwear for your chest and back fat areas.

For Easiest On/Off

The downward frontal zipper feature on our Cheata Lock Down and our Cheata Step–In compression sports bra gives you super leverage and ease for donning and closure. There’s simply nothing like it for easy on/off. Other zip front bras are hard to close for a simple reason – they close upward and you must assembly the zipper track. A downward, closed end zip is much easier and better and we have a patent on it!

For No “Back Fat” Lines

All our Cheata athletic bras smooth out your back area and eliminate back fat lines. It is THE no back fat bra. You can now wear a shirt size to show your figure without worry about those unsightly lines. It’s just smooth back there!

For Posture Improvement

The Cheata Trotter Bras and Tanks greatly improve posture and alignment. Our patented posterior downward directional zipper track encourages the alignment of the mid vertebra and scapular retraction. This along with the significantly lightened weight of the breast tissue provided by the Cheata Trotter technology advances the wearer a more upright and aligned torso comfortably.

Women commonly roll and slump their shoulders as an instinctive coping mechanism due to one or more of the following:

  • To limit the range the breast tissue can travel. Hunching is an unhealthy yet typical way women try to limit bounce when doing vigorous activity
  • Anticipation of pain/discomfort from breast bounce. This also causes tightening and strain of the neck, shoulders, and back
  • Attempting to hide breast bounce which causes embarrassment and unwanted attention
  • Breast weight. Rolling the shoulders can be simply due to fatigue from breast weight

An effective posture bra must address the issue that is causing the problem. Other posture corrector bras that simply pull back your shoulders are insufficient for women who’s problem is moving breast weight. The Cheata Trotter sports bra and tank perfectly remedy these issues.

For Athletes with Shoulder Injuries or Severe Flexibility Issues

For women where putting a garment over their head is difficult or not feasible, the Cheata Step In sports Bra is the perfect answer. You can simply step into this sports bra and pull up.

In addition, the reversible option in this garment allows for greater stabilizing compression when the zipper is located in the anterior position (the front), and lesser compression when the zipper track is located in posterior position (the back).

For Comfort

A common comment we received from our product development test athletes was that Cheata bras it is the most comfortable bra they’ve ever worn and some told us that they were sleeping in them too! There are no tight bands, straps, or digging wires. You don’t have that “I gotta get this off me” feeling at all when you finish your workout.

However, for larger breasted women doing very vigorous activity (running or sitting trot for example) the Cheata Trotter Bras and Tanks will provide even more stabilizing comfort due to the racer back straps and additional layer of fabric.

For Watersports

Cheata bras don’t stretch out when introduced to water – sweat or swim. The Cheata Trotter bra is an excellent choice for a sports bra swim top providing real support.

For Versatility and Varying Compression Needs

The Cheata Step–In compression sports bra is also reversible! Meaning, when the zipper is worn in the frontal position it provides a greater compression than when it is worn in the rear. Great for activities that require different levels of breast stability or for breast size fluctuations during pregnancy, post partum, or menstrual cycles.

For Post-workout muscle recovery

Compression garments are clinically proven to help muscles recover more quickly by increasing circulation to help the body rid itself of toxins and lactic acid. All Cheata compression bras provide even and comprehensive medical grade healing compression to the upper torso.

For Hard To Fit Body Shapes

Big back with a smaller chest, smaller back with a big chest? Tiny under bust with a very full bust? You name it, the Cheata Trotter Bra will work for you. The frontal hammock area of the garment (the part your breast go in) is designed to stretch and contour to your individual shape and give you full coverage. See our “Fit Activation” video and we’ll show you how to get a perfect fit as if it were custom made for you.

For Post-surgical recovery compression

The Cheata Recovery bra is ideal for long term 24/7 wear for immediate post breast surgery patients. Compression is well known for providing comfort and accelerating the healing process and this product uniquely provides the following:

  • 4-way stretching compression for a secure “second skin” contouring feel
  • Ideal downward and inward compressive tension
  • Advances circulation and drainage to reduce swelling
  • Prevents some “throbbing” sensations after surgery
  • Reduces tension on sutures/newly formed scars and prevents them from stretching
  • Helps prevent sagging skin by applying supportive pressure to skin’s new contours
  • Creates weightless, secure, and protected feeling in the breast region
  • Seamless and silky to protect skin from chaffing for long term 24 hour wear
  • Extra long breast hammock region to protect suture lines
  • No Stretching out from long term wear
  • Breathable and moisture wicking
  • No digging or pulling straps/bands
  • Helps patient return to normal routine and activity more quickly
  • No pressure of the porta-cath or abdominal tram flap areas
  • No blockage or inhibition of underarm drainage
  • Medical grade compression supporting breasts, connective tissue, corresponding muscles, spacers (if present), and implants (if present)
  • Improved posture and upper back support
  • No seams, cups, wires, or tags
  • Moisture wicking and fast drying
  • Odor resitant for long term wear
For Endurance Riding or Training

All Cheata bras are medical grade compression garments which promote circulation and provide fantastic muscle support for long term vigorous wear.

The Cheata Trotter bra specifically is the choice of endurance riders that are putting their bodies through enormous strain for very extensive durations.