They’re looking at the dog, not my boobs, right??

They’re looking at the dog, not my boobs, right??

As the ol saying goes, if you have to ask then you probably already know the answer. Even the most disciplined and focused judge can’t deny the overwhelming vision of the bouncing and flopping going on with unsupported dog handlers as they prance their pooches around the ring.

Bouncy, bouncing boobs in the dog ring (and horse how ring) send a message of “I don’t care.” My dog looks pristine so that’s all the matters. And it’s easy to comfort and justify these attitudes because we’re surrounded with other “I don’t care” handlers.

One of my favorite delusions I hear at dog shows is that the judges secretly like it!!!!!!! Are you completely nuts????

If your dog could talk what would they say? I’d bet it would be something like this – “ Dear Mom, thank you for treating me like I’m the center of the universe. Thank you for spending endless amounts of time and money so I can present myself as the perfect creature the world has ever seen. HOWEVER, you are messing up my program here with your personal sloppy oblivion. You wouldn’t allow that out of me so why is OK for you???? Please get more on a par with me with your appearance or I will be forced to take measures to go into the ring without you. Sorry Mom, but you are holding me back.”

Lucky (or unlucky) for you, your dog can’t talk. There is a solution for you to stop the ring bounce – The Cheata trotter bra. Not only will you not bounce, but your show clothes will now look sleeker and your silhouette much slimmer and smarter. Your posture will be improved and your back supported. No other sports bra provides all of that so it is the perfect addition to your dog show arsenal of tools to make sure you are not stealing attention away from your dog.

The Cheata Bra completes the smooth athletic polished look you want in the show ring

Brooke Cole

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